Why Us

Why it is best for your pet

Some pets become extremely nervous when they have to go to a clinic but they remain remarkably calm and relaxed when the vet comes to them. Of course, some pets remain nervous and difficult to handle, but they generally remain more relaxed in their home than a clinic. Consultations are made in your home environment, avoiding the risk of your pet coming into contact with other sick animals. Avoid the trauma and sometimes pain and sickness of traveling to the Vet.

Even if you have a sociable pet who loves going to the clinic, house calls offer an added aspect of care. Because the doctor is at home with your pet, they can see and understand the environment and will tailor their recommendations to your pet’s specific needs, he can offer medical care that combines both the clinical picture of exams and diagnostic tests with the bigger picture, resulting in the best possible care.

And Why For You

Beyond the obvious convenience of being at home instead of traveling to and waiting in a clinic, there are intangible benefits for you. You have to book an appointment, to go to the clinic which often means waiting at length for the consultation, or subsequent test and analysis results.
For busy pet owners we can save their time by giving veterinary care in home and if required we can safely transporting your pet to the clinic facility where we can immediately communicate with you regarding progress and any necessary procedures and bring him back to home. Flexible appointments to met your time and requirements.